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Post: Using 7 Kinds of Readers to Bullet-Proof Your Book
Header Image: Courtesy Michael Larsen

Post: Agent Andy Ross (Interview)
Header Image: Courtesy Andy Ross

Post: Terry Rossio (Extreme Interview)
Header Image: Courtesy Terry Rossio

Post: The Digital Outline: Creating a Beatline for Your Story
Header Image: Vitruvian Man by David Owens (after Leonardo da Vinci)

Post: Logline Workshop: Jurassic Park
Header Image: Universal Studios (Jurassic Park still)

Post: Building the Perfect Logline for Your Book, Screenplay, or Other Story
Header Image: Analog Stopwatch iPhone app by Peter Zich

Post: Jumping The Gun: Suicide by Submission
Header Image: Jump Rope Gun by

Post: Just Do It
Header Image: Indecision by Zach Pezzillo

Post: Blah, Blah, Blah: Overdescription, Exposition, and Stage Direction
Header Image: Shut Up Tape by

Post: Hey, Look at Me! Intrusive, Chatty, and Explanatory Writing
Header Image: A photo of Liberace (for those who were wondering)

Post: Bouncing Eyeballs and Other Unintended Meanings
Header Image: by Hank Grebe of AHG

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